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The Convenience Of Smart Home
Controlled Venting Skylights

If you are looking for the most technologically advanced skylights on the market consider FAKRO’s Z-Wave operated venting skylights. The solar powered FVC-S Curb mount venting skylight, the electric deck mounted FVE and solar powered FVS venting skylights, or the DEF electric and solar flat roof skylights.
  • Zwave Plus Logo@2xZ-Wave has many advantaged over competitive offerings, it is easy to set up and does not require a proprietary hub, it will work on any Z-Wave compatible Smart Home hub. Your skylights can be operated directly from your Smart Phone or using the FAKRO ZRH 12 Remote, or ZRW7 Wall Keyboard.
  • Integrate with your Smart Home hub and control them through the hub’s own app or other platforms including Nest, Amazon Alexa or Apple Homekit. This provides the added convenience of voice control through Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.
  • FAKRO manufactures a range of designer light filtering or blackout blinds that can be operated using Z-Wave. You can reduce or eliminate sunlight at the press of a button.
  • Z-Wave blinds are available in both solar and hardwired electric options.
Columbia Skylights English Logo Blue BgColumbia manufactures venting electric skylights with 3 electric motor systems. For worry free performance the skylight is connected to the main electrical supply. Choose a standard wall switch, or the choice of 2 remote control options with rain sensors.

FAKRO’s Z-Wave Smart Home Remotes

ZRH 12 Remote Video
ZRW7 Wall Keyboard Video (Optional Purchase)


  • FAKRO is a leader in all forms of skylight and roof window innovation and excels in Smart Home technology integration. FAKRO’s premium electric and solar venting skylights (FVC-S curb mount, and the FVE and FVS deck mount) and the Flat Roof Skylight (DEF solar or DEF electric) come with Z-Wave Smart Home technology built in.
  • Make your skylights part of your Smart Home system by connecting them to your Smart Home Hub. Or, operate directly using the wall keyboard or hand held remote, or your smart phone – opening on demand, setting opening times, or having them open based your home’s thermostat.
  • Integrating with popular Smart Home systems such as Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Nest, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.
  • Z-Wave is easy to install, expand, and manage, saving you time and money, while maximizing usability. Z-Wave eliminates unnecessary control units and wiring between electronic devices. Ideal for new builds, renovations or adding to an existing system. These skylights are also equipped with Rain Sensors that close the skylight automatically at the first few drops of rain. NOTE: Some features require additional adaption modules.


  • Choose the best skylights to integrate with your existing Smart Home system.
  • Z-Wave is the most commonly used, secure system available, produced by a software company that is one of the most trusted and well regarded names in the business.
  • Z-Wave was developed to be an independent system, not relying on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi radio frequencies. It does not interfere or slow down your other networks. An important fact when you need your skylight to operate without delay.
    Zwave Plus Logo@2x


  1. EASY. Easy to install and does not require any rewiring of your home’s current electrical system.
  2. AFFORDABLE. With Z-Wave you purchase a single hub and easily add more smart products, in addition to skylights.
  3. RELIABLE. Having been on the market for over 10 years, Z-Wave has proven to be the top home automation solution on the market.
  4. SECURE. Z-Wave technology uses the same encryption as online banking making it the safe choice for your smart home.
  5. STABILITY. Z-Wave is considered more stable than Bluetooth, uses less data, and has a more extensive range.
  1. TRUSTED. The biggest brand names on the market use Z-Wave in their smart home products, including FAKRO.
  2. EXPERIENCED. There are already 100 million products in smart homes worldwide.
  3. THE SMART HOME LEADER. 9 out of 10 leading security companies use Z-Wave.
  4. CHOICES. With over 2400 smart home automation products on the market, Z-Wave products provide many choices to suit your needs – styles, price points, colours, functionality, etc.

Some of the brands using Z-Wave

Brand Apple Brand Intel Brand Panasonic Brand Samsung Brand Adt Brand Honeywell Brand Leviton Brand Ge Brand Yale Brand Schlage Brand Trane

FAKRO Z-Wave Radio Control System

Your Smart Home Solution – Control Your FAKRO Smart Skylight Using Your Z-Wave Smart Home System

FAKRO skylights are equipped with a Z-Wave radio control system, allowing for easy Smart Home system integration.

An easy 3 step process:

  1. Purchase or use existing Smart Home Hub with Z-Wave compatibility.
  2. Install and connect FAKRO skylights to your Z-Wave network.


  1. Your skylights are now part of your Smart Home network. Control your FAKRO skylights through a variety of devices.
Fakro Z-Wave Compatible Hub

Control Your FAKRO Skylight Using Our Remote Control or Keyboard

  • Control your skylights as a stand alone or multi unit system using the included ZRH12 remote control.
  • The remote controls up to 12 separate groups with up to 12 skylights per group (144 total).
  • A wall keyboard is available, ZRW7, operating up to 7 separate groups with up to 12 skylights per group (84 total).
Fakro Z-Wave Remote Keybord

Columbia Skylights English Logo Blue Bg

3 types of affordable venting skylight electric operating systems

Columbia provides three levels of hardwired motor and remote control systems that will satisfy most requirements. The VE Standard, VE Deluxe, and VE Elite – a solution for almost every budget.

Designed by Truth Hardware™, North America’s leader in skylight and window hardware. • UL listed and CSA approved • Operate from 110 volt household current. Available on the following venting models: OSF Vinyl Self Flashing and OCM Vinyl Curb Mounted.

Columbia Truth Venting

VE Standard


Best Value Convenience

When all you need is a wall mounted switch. Perfect for most customers.

  • VE Standard kit includes: motor, cover & wall switch.
  • The 3 position Decora wall switch is designed for a single gang electrical box. Load tested for a total skylight weight of 90lbs.
  • Operates from standard 110 volt household current, no transformer required. Automatic motor reversal engineered into the system reverses the motor in case of obstruction.
  • Wall switch controls up to 4 skylights.
  • Perfect for most value conscious customers.
  • Wall switch control up to 4 skylights.

VE Deluxe

VE Deluxe

Popular Choice – Remote and Rain Sensor

This elegant remote control provides the flexibility of a hand held unit, and includes a rain sensor.

  • VE Deluxe kit includes: motor, cover, rain sensor & slim line remote. Rain sensor automatically closes the skylight at the first sign of moisture.
  • Remote operates up to 4 skylights. Load tested for a total skylight weight of 90lbs.
  • Operates from standard 110 volt household current, no transformer required.
  • Automatic motor reversal engineered into the system reverses the motor in case of obstruction.
  • Multiple skylight control requires one VE Deluxe kit. Each additional skylight requires the VE Standard kit.

VE Elite


Feature Packed – Remote, Rain Sensor & Thermostat

This top of the line remote comes with a thermostat, adjusting to your room temperature setting, and includes a rain sensor.

  • VE Elite kit includes: motor, cover, rain sensor & LED remote.
  • Remote can operate an infinite number of skylights.
  • Create up to 9 skylight groups for simultaneous control.
  • Each group can have an infinite amount of skylights.
  • Corrosion resistant rain sensor automatically closes skylight during inclement weather.
  • Load tested for a total skylight weight of up to 160lbs.
  • Operates from standard 110 volt household current, no transformer required.
  • Automatic motor reversal engineered into the system reverses the motor in case of obstruction.
  • Wall mount control panel option also available – controls up to 20 skylights. Features a thermostat, enabling skylights to open or close automatically based on the room temperature setting.