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The Difference Between Curb Mount & Deck Mount Explained

Skylights are installed using two common methods. Curb Mount is the most popular installation method in North America because of its flexibility. Deck Mount is another high performance option typically used in new built construction.
  • Columbia manufactures skylights designed for Curb Mount and Self Flashing (another industry term for Deck Mount) installation, in Canada.
  • To provide greater choice, Columbia distributes FAKRO premium European skylights, roof windows, and flat roof skylights. FAKRO manufacturers Deck Mount sloped and flat roof skylights, and a premium Curb Mount model.
Curb Mount Skylights Features
Installed on top of a
site built curb.

  1. A higher curb can raise the skylight above snow and ice build up and prolong the lifespan of the skylight.
  2. Provides a greater glass area, which equals more daylight entering your home.
  3. The curb is site built and supports the weight of the skylight. It is easier to adapt the installation to the specific requirements.
  4. Can be used to replace damaged skylights without rebuilding the curb, flashing and the roofing material around the curb.
  5. Can be used for flat or sloped roofs.
  6. The curb requires integration into the roof system.
Deck Mount Skylights Features
Integrated curb fastened
directly on roof deck.

  1. Lower profile – sits closer to the roof.
  2. Integrated built in curb is part of the skylight.
  3. Mounted on top of the roof surface.
  4. Fasteners attach the skylight to the roof deck.
  5. Requires integration into your roof system.
  6. Ideal for new builds or an entirely new roof.

Columbia And Fakro Logos


Columbia & Fakro manufacture Curb Mount & Deck Mount Skylights

Two excellent systems – choose based on your projects requirements.
Both have options for sloped and flat roofs.

  • The Curb Mount system uses a site built curb most commonly constructed out of wood. It allows the skylight to sit higher than Deck Mount, which improves its ability to deal with snow and ice build up common in Northern climates.
  • Curbs can be built at different heights based on the installation requirements, 4”, 6”, 8”, or taller.
  • The Curb Mount installation method can be used on flat or sloped roofs. Suitable for residential and commercial applications.
  • Curb Mount glass skylights installed on a flat roof require a site built sloped curb.
  • Curb Mount allows the installer to adjust to the specific requirement of metal roofs. Such as a metal roof with additional high density insulation that requires a deeper curb.

Residential Sloped Roof Curb Mount Skylights

Columbia VCM Fixed & OCM (Manual or Electric) Venting Curb Mount

Vcm Ocm Venting Curb

Available in glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate.

Fakro FVC-S Solar Venting
Curb Mount

Fvc S Venting Curb Mount

Commercial Sloped Roof Curb Mount Skylights

Columbia – AOF Aluminum Outside Flashing Curb Mount

Columbia Aof Aluminum Outside

Available in glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate.

Residential Flat Roof Curb Mount Skylights

Columbia AC VCM Fixed Curb
Mount Acrylic Dome

Ac Vcm Mount Type Cross Section

Available in glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate.

Commercial Flat Roof Curb Mount Skylights

Columbia AC AOF Aluminum
Fixed Curb Mount

Ac Aof Aluminum Fixed

Available in acrylic, or polycarbonate.

  • Deck Mounted skylights are designed and manufactured with the curb as an integrated component of the skylight. The integrated curb sits directly on the roof deck.
  • Columbia and FAKRO Deck Mounted skylights can be broken down into different types.
  1. Columbia Self Flashing – includes integrated curb and flashing (VSF, OVSF, and ASF for sloped roof applications)
  2. FAKRO wood deck mounted skylights for sloped roof applications – includes built in wood curb.
  3. FAKRO flat roof deck mount skylights – includes built in PVC curb.

Columbia Commercial & Residential Self Flashing (Deck Mount)

Columbia’s Deck Mount skylights are known in the industry as Self Flashing.
Columbia VSF Fixed & OSF (Manual or Electric) Venting Self Flashing

Vsf Osf Venting Self Flashing

Available in glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate.

Columbia ASF Aluminum
Self Flashing

Asf Self Flashing

Available in glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate.

Fakro Deck mount Skylights

FAKRO produces residential skylights for sloped roofs, and flat roof skylights for residential and commercial applications.
FAKRO Sloped Roof Wood
Deck Mount Skylights

Fakro Sloped Roof Wood Deck Mount

FAKRO Flat Roof Deck
Mounted Skylights

Fakro Flat Roof Deck Mounted

Access Skylight

Drf Flat Roof Access

FAKRO DXW Flat Walkable

Dxw Flat Walkable Mount