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Columbia manufactures a wide selection of skylights for flat roof applications, from curb mount, sun tubes, a roof access door, and specialty skylights. Bringing natural light into areas such as a kitchen or workroom extension, or an indoor pool. Talk to you architect or contractor about installing a skylight on a flat roof.

Flat Roof Skylights

AC VCM<br/>AC AOF Thumbnail


Curb Mount Fixed Acrylic Dome

Columbia’s Curb Mount acrylic dome & pyramid skylights are designed to perform flawlessly for decades, available in 2 frame configurations, AC VCM or AC AOF.

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Curb Mount Venting Acrylic Dome/Pyramid

Cool your home with Columbia’s manually operated venting Curb Mounted skylight. Enjoy the combined benefits of natural light and fresh air ventilation.

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Curb Mount Fixed Glass

The beauty and clarity of natural light. This high quality Curb Mounted fixed skylight is the right choice for most sloped roof applications where you want to brighten your living space.

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Curb Mount Venting Glass (Sloped Curb)

Cool your home with Columbia’s manually operated venting Curb Mount skylight. Enjoy the combined benefits of natural light and fresh air ventilation.

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Sun Tubes

The Rigid or Flexible Sun Tube skylight brings natural daylight into smaller areas in your home, like a hallway, through a highly reflective tunnel.

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Roof Access Door Glass or Acrylic

Ideal for turning a rooftop into a patio deck or any other application where egress is required while letting in an abundance of natural light.

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Circular Roof Dome

The Circular Roof Dome is not only highly effective in letting in a large amount of natural light, but they also make a dramatic architectural style statement.

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Curb Mount Pyramid

Curb Mount acrylic pyramid skylights are engineered to perform flawlessly for decades, providing the clarity of natural light for a residential or commercial application.

Why Columbia

No Leaks No Flashing

Find Out Why Columbia Skylights Don’t Leak

Columbia’s Canadian made skylights are designed and manufactured with the finest quality materials, combined with over 5 decades of experience. We are proud to have supplied over 1 million skylights for North American roofs.

Our skylights don’t leak – the frame design is proven to repel the worst of Canadian weather, and we use high performance glazing from the leading North American glazing manufacturer Cardinal Glass Industries. Acrylic and polycarbonate are supplied by the highest quality North American producers. Our skylights combine a durable extruded aluminum exterior frame and a heavy duty PVC vinyl interior frame.

The Columbia 4 sided rigid condensation gutter has been designed with additional width to allow for maximum moisture control.

All our components are manufactured in North America by suppliers we have worked with for decades.


Canadian made skylights, designed for our harsh climate

Columbia skylights are specifically designed for life in our Canadian climate. Whether subjected to snow, ice, wind, hail, or intense heat, our products are engineered to outperform these demanding conditions.

Many imported skylights are designed for a more temperate climate and lack the performance and durability. Columbia has spent many decades manufacturing premium quality skylights that have stood up to the test of time in our Canadian climate.

Every aspect of the skylight has been studied, engineered, and tested.

Columbia utilizes the best materials available, including the latest glass technology.

Energy efficiency is a concern for Canadian homeowners because of our extreme climate. Columbia is the only Canadian manufacturer to offer Triple Glazing on all our skylight models, fixed and venting. We offer more ENERGY STAR® glass options than any other manufacturer.