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  • The RST comes as a complete kit – Dome, Roof Jack, 4’ Rigid Light Tube, and choice of prismatic or translucent white diffuser.
  • A source of natural light where regular skylights cannot be installed.
  • Perfect for hallways, laundry rooms, kitchens, walk in closets and bathrooms.
  • Available in four sizes, 10”, 13”, 18”, 21”.
  • Flat, sloped, curb mount and low profile glass models available.
  • Dome formed from high impact modified acrylic – blocks 99% of UV rays while maintaining optical clarity.
  • Miro-Silver® coated aluminum tube with 95% of light reflected.
  • Additional extensions and elbows are available.
  • All models are standard with flat prismatic or white diffuser for sleek, modern interior finish.
  • Includes energy conservation kit – creating two additional airspaces to reduce condensation and improve energy efficiency.
  • Quick, simple installation for any shingle or cedar shake roof.
  • Curb mounted units should be used on other roof types.

Recommended Roof

Sloped Flat Sun Tube Roof Type

Sloped – Asphalt Shingles or Flat Roof


Roof Pitch 0:12

Min 0 12 Roof Pitch 45 0 Feature

Suitable for low profile asphalt shingle or shake roof only.

Curb Mount Kit suitable for a membrane roof such as 2 Ply, Single Ply, Metal, Tar & Gravel & EPDM.

  • Hallways Laundry rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Closets
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Room
  • Garage
  • Work Room

The complete Rigid sun tube kit includes:

Suntube kit 1

The dome is formed from crystal clear high impact acrylic – it absorbs 99% of UV rays while maintaining optic clarity.

Suntube kit 3

Columbia Sun Tubes come with 4 feet of rigid aluminum light pipe. The pipe is made from heavy duty aluminum and is coated with ultra reflective Miro-Silver®.

Suntube kit 2

The roof jack (Flashing) is a heavy duty aluminum frame (powder coated black) designed to complement common roofing materials. Available for: Sloped, Flat, Curb Mount and Low Profile Glass designs.

Suntube kit 4

The light diffuser fits easily into your ceiling, and is designed with a smooth integrated, modern finish. The standard kit comes with a prismatic diffuser. A soft white diffuser is available for a less intense light.

How A RIGID Sun Tube Works

Sunlight is captured by the dome

The crystal clear low profile impact resistant, acrylic dome sits on your rooftop, collecting sunlight from sunrise to sunset. The flashing housing ensures that the unit is weathertight and leak proof.

Beautiful natural sunlight enters the room

The low profile light diffuser fits in your ceiling, and is engineered to spread the captured sunlight evenly throughout the room.

The prismatic diffuser reflects natural light in all directions – eliminating glare and “hot spots”, while the soft white diffuser provides softer illumination. The 21” model delivers the equivalent of 1,450 watts of electric light – without the cost!

Sunlight is reflected through a rigid aluminum light pipe

The captured sunlight travels through an ultra reflective, mirror-like tube, before entering the building. Our specially designed Miro-Silver® light pipe collects sunlight even when the Sun’s position is low in early morning or late afternoon.

The sun tube works, even on cloudy days. An additional benefit, is our sun tube filters out the harmful UV rays that can endanger health and can fade clothing, furniture, and carpeting.

Columbia’s Miro-Silver® highly reflective rigid aluminum pipe draws the light in and bounces it downward.

Benefits Of A Columbia Sun Tube

Sun Tubes Bring Healthy Sunlight Into Your Home

Columbia sun tubes operate without needing a power supply. No wiring or switches – just free light with all the positive benefits of natural lighting. The crystal clear high impact acrylic dome captures sunlight on the roof throughout daylight hours.

The elegant black powder coated aluminum flashing protects the sun tube from the elements, rain, snow, ice, and wind.


Get The Natural Sunlight You Want, Without Harmful UV Rays

The sunlight enters the clear acrylic dome and travels through a highly reflective, mirror-like Miro-Silver® rigid aluminum tube. The light bounces downward through the pipe before it enters your home. Columbia’s specially designed Miro-Silver® light pipe is able to draw in a significant amount of sunlight even when the sun is low in the sky, in early morning and late afternoon.

The Columbia sun tube works on cloudy days – though the intensity of the light is slightly diminished. Additionally, our sun tubes filter out the harmful UV rays that can be detrimental to health, and fade artwork, clothing, furniture and carpeting.

Natural Sunlight Without Unwanted Heat Gain

Columbia sun tubes operate with virtually no heat gain. As the sunlight travels through the Miro-Silver® rigid aluminum light pipe it passes through a thin, clear impact resistant acrylic lens which improves U-factor and Solar Heat Gain coefficient.


Fill Your Home With Beautiful Soft Evenly Dispersed Sunlight

The attractive low profile ceiling light and lens are designed to evenly disperse sunlight into your home.

The flat prismatic lens surface bounces the light in all directions eliminating the glare and hot spot effect of traditional skylights. Soft white diffuser also available.

Depending on the model size, our tubular skylights can illuminate the equivalent of up to 300 – 1,450 watts of electric artificial light – without adding to your energy bill!

Residential Sun Tubes Rigid Lens and Flashing Options

Angled Kit
Rst Angled Kit
  • Includes angled flashing: ideal for roofs with pitch between 3:12 and 5:12.
  • Angled flashing provides optimum light collection from all roof directions.
  • Constructed of commercial pure grade 1100 series aluminum without seams, black powder coated.
Flat Kit
Rst Flat Kit
  • Designed for flat roof installations for optimum light collection.
  • Can also be used in sloped roof application for a smooth finish that runs with the roof slope.
  • Constructed of commercial pure grade 1100 series aluminum without seams, black powder coated.
Low Profile Glass Kit
Rst Low Profile Glass Kit
  • Provides a low profile skylight that matches the roof line.
  • LoE double glazed glass unit with 2” high aluminum curb & built in flashing.
  • Black powder coated.
Curb Mount Kit
Rst Curb Mount Kit
  • Can be used in flat or sloped applications. Site built and flashed curb required.
  • Often used with high profile roofing materials, such as metal roofing or tiles.
  • Constructed of commercial pure grade 1100 series aluminum without seams, black powder coated.

Rigid Sun Tubes Product Options

Rigid Sun Tube Product Options

Sun Tubes lens options

Prismatic Diffuser

Prismatic flat diffuser is made of durable acrylic. The diffusers surface contains several small prisms to help spread the light evenly.

Soft White Diffuser

Soft flat white diffuser is made of durable acrylic. The diffusers surface is smooth and evenly spreads a softer tone of light.

Coverage & Maximum Tube Length

Sun Tube Coverage And Lengths

Technical Information

Each model comes with a downloadable information package to help you select, specify, and install our product. If you do not find what you need, don’t hesitate to call our Columbia Customer Service Team at 604 437 3377 (Toll Free: 888 437 5557) or email
Suntube Installation Instructions Thumb
Use Columbia’s installation instructions to ensure a successful installation.

Download the instructions for this model, or if you need multiple models go to the Installation Instruction Library page.
Drawings &
Drawings And Specs Cta
Download two formats of this model’s technical drawings – (1) Detail or (2) Product Data. Also available, .dwg (CAD file) and Product Specifications as a Word Doc, PDF, or Text file.

For multiple models go to the Drawings & Specification Library page.

Why Columbia

Canadian made skylights, designed for our harsh climate

Columbia skylights are specifically designed for life in our Canadian climate. Whether subjected to snow, ice, wind, hail, or intense heat, our products are engineered to outperform these demanding conditions.

Many imported skylights are designed for a more temperate climate and lack the performance and durability. Columbia has spent many decades manufacturing premium quality skylights that have stood up to the test of time in our Canadian climate.

Every aspect of the skylight has been studied, engineered, and tested.

Columbia utilizes the best materials available, including the latest glass technology.

Energy efficiency is a concern for Canadian homeowners because of our extreme climate. Columbia is the only Canadian manufacturer to offer Triple Glazing on all our skylight models, fixed and venting. We offer more ENERGY STAR® glass options than any other manufacturer.


Columbia Skylights Headquarters

Columbia’s State Of The Art Headquarters & Manufacturing Plant

Columbia is proud to be a long established premier manufacturer of skylights for the North American market and is Canadian owned and operated. With a manufacturing plant and warehouse in Burnaby, British Columbia and a new warehouse in Mississauga Ontario, we are able to supply the roofing industry, contractors, architects, and homeowners across the country with prompt and efficient service.

Our goal is to manufacture skylights made in Canada, that outperform the demands of the harsh Canadian climate for decades to come. As Canada’s leading skylight manufacturer we offer a solution for every residential or commercial application and want to be your one-stop source for all your customer needs – producing a wide range of standard and custom skylights.

If you are seeking the most energy efficient skylights in the Canadian market, Columbia and FAKRO offer the widest selection, superior quality, and design. We sincerely appreciate your past and continued support and look forward to serving you in the future.