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Sun Tube Accessories

Light Tube Extension 24”

Columbia Sun Tube Light Tube Extension 24

To accommodate a longer installation through an attic space, additional tube extensions are available in 24” increments.

  • Available on all Rigid Sun Tubes – 10”, 13”, 18”, and 21”.
  • Constructed from the same Miro-Silver® reflective material as the light pipe.
  • Tek screws and foil tape included.
  • Maximum recommended tube length:
    • 14ft for the 10” model
    • 16ft for the 13” and 18” models
    • 20ft for the 21” model


Columbia Sun Tube Elbow

When installing a rigid residential sun tube there may be the need to avoid a roof beam, hvac, or electrical – this can be accomplished by the use of an aluminum elbow. You can use multiple elbows to avoid larger obstacles and span great lengths.

Easy to install because it slips inside the aluminum 24” light tube extension sealed with aluminum tape.

  • Available on all Rigid Sun Tubes – 10”, 13”, 18”, and 21”.
  • Fully adjustable from 0-45 degrees, for the 10” and 13” elbows. For the 18” and 21” adjust from 0-30 degrees.
  • Constructed from the same Miro-Silver® reflective material as the light pipe.
  • Tek screws and foil tape included.

Electric Light Kit

Columbia Sun Tube Electric Light Kit

The Electric Light Kit provides the best of both light modes. Supplement the health and clarity of natural light with an integrated electric light. Utilize the energy saving natural light that reduces your energy bill for most of the day, then during the evening you can flick on the switch of the internal electric light.

  • Available on all Rigid Sun Tubes – 10”, 13”, 18”, and 21”.
  • Can be installed in place of previous light fixture.
  • Holds standard, CFL or LED light bulbs.
  • Straight forward installation, requires basic wiring skills.
  • Installs directly into the lower portion of the light pipe and is wired to the wall switch.


Remote Dimmer Kit

Columbia Sun Tube Remote Dimmer Kit

Providing the convenience of instant darkness into any room, the remote dimmer with included hand held control is available for all rigid sun tube models.

  • Available on Rigid Sun Tubes – 10”, 13” and 21”.
  • Installed in the lower portion of the light pipe.
  • 12” length must be calculated into the overall light pipe run.
  • Includes a receiver that must hang vertically on a nearby stud.
  • Dimmer may also be hard wired for wall switch (not included).
  • Fully assembled, includes: remote, dimmer panel, light pipe, 120 volt rpm motor.


Turret Extension

Columbia Sun Tube Turret Extension

If you need to increase the height of the sun tube for (1) installing on high profile S tiles, (2) it is being installed in a location with high snow fall the Turret Extension will provide that additional height advantage. Easy to fit and install.

Manufactured from durable enamel painted aluminum that match the flashing perfectly creating a seamless look.

  • Available on all Rigid Sun Tubes – 10” and 13”.
  • Black powder coated to match roof jack (flashing).
  • Can be used on angled, flat, or curb mounted models.


Tile Skirt for Angled Kit

Columbia Sun Tube Tile Skirt

The Columbia Tile Skirt for Angled Kit creates a superior watertight seal on an angled roof installation. Able to flex with the change of grade and still produce a tight seal around the sun tube.

  • Available on 10”, 13” and 18” Sun Tube models.
  • For sloped tiled roof applications.
  • Install over the sun tube flashing for optimal seal.



Why Columbia

Canadian made skylights, designed for our harsh climate

Columbia skylights are specifically designed for life in our Canadian climate. Whether subjected to snow, ice, wind, hail, or intense heat, our products are engineered to outperform these demanding conditions.

Many imported skylights are designed for a more temperate climate and lack the performance and durability. Columbia has spent many decades manufacturing premium quality skylights that have stood up to the test of time in our Canadian climate.

Every aspect of the skylight has been studied, engineered, and tested.

Columbia utilizes the best materials available, including the latest glass technology.

Energy efficiency is a concern for Canadian homeowners because of our extreme climate. Columbia is the only Canadian manufacturer to offer Triple Glazing on all our skylight models, fixed and venting. We offer more ENERGY STAR® glass options than any other manufacturer.


Columbia Skylights Headquarters

Columbia’s State Of The Art Headquarters & Manufacturing Plant

Columbia is proud to be a long established premier manufacturer of skylights for the North American market and is Canadian owned and operated. With a manufacturing plant and warehouse in Burnaby, British Columbia and a new warehouse in Mississauga Ontario, we are able to supply the roofing industry, contractors, architects, and homeowners across the country with prompt and efficient service.

Our goal is to manufacture skylights made in Canada, that outperform the demands of the harsh Canadian climate for decades to come. As Canada’s leading skylight manufacturer we offer a solution for every residential or commercial application and want to be your one-stop source for all your customer needs – producing a wide range of standard and custom skylights.

If you are seeking the most energy efficient skylights in the Canadian market, Columbia and FAKRO offer the widest selection, superior quality, and design. We sincerely appreciate your past and continued support and look forward to serving you in the future.