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Columbia’s Environmental Policy

Columbia Skylights Green FriendlyColumbia is committed to developing environmentally sustainable products – and manufacturing and shipping them responsibly.


  • We support sustainability by reducing our environmental footprint through the use of recyclable materials, the recycling of raw materials used in manufacturing, eliminating over-packaging, lean manufacturing techniques, and localized shipping.
  • Energystar LogoColumbia produces energy efficient products that meet ENERGY STAR® Canada’s current requirements.

AS Light A Footprint AS POSSIBLE

As a Canadian company, we care greatly about the environment and our impact on the communities we operate in. We want our customers to feel proud to put a Columbia skylight on their home or business, not just because they know they have purchased a high performance product that will last for decades – because they have selected the most sustainable product available. A product that is almost 100% recyclable.

At Columbia we assess every step of our manufacturing process to make our production process and the skylight as energy efficient as possible

– Mike Williams, President

A Cycle Of Sustainability

  • At Columbia our sustainable environmental footprint is important to us, we have analyzed every step in our manufacturing process to make it as efficient as possible. We use recyclable materials where possible, we are diligent in monitoring the energy efficiency of our manufacturing processes and the operation of our warehouses.
  • Decades of experience, engineering and research have gone into creating the most energy efficient Columbia skylights possible. As a new skylight passes through our manufacturing process, at every stage it is assessed for quality to ensure that it is as energy efficient as possible.
  • We recycle all waste to make sure as little as possible ends up in landfills. Fortunately, our products are made from some of the most recyclable materials – aluminum, glass, and PVC. We use minimal cardboard printed packaging, and ship many of our products in wood-framed pallets. All the waste wood is recycled.
  • Columbia was an early adopter of triple glazing and has worked with our glass supplier Cardinal to select the most energy efficient glazing for the Canadian market. Including the widest section of ENERGY STAR® certified skylights in Canada.


Columbia Eco Life Cycle


  • We are continually striving to make our manufacturing processes as sustainable as possible, across our entire manufacturing and distribution process – parts, production methods, use of technologically advanced equipment, product design, packaging and transportation.
  • The paint and finishing of our products is water based for safer disposal and to reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Our products are built to last decades, and once they need to be replaced, most of the materials can be recycled.
  • Our two distribution centres in Burnaby and Mississauga allow us to serve Canada while reducing shipping distances and fuel usage.
  • Management and staff are continually assessing and working to improve our environmental impact.
  • Post production, our recycling program sends 100% of aluminum, acrylic, and PVC to be recycled. 100% of wood waste from the construction of shipping containers is recycled.


Columbia offers the largest selection of ENERGY STAR® options in North America

ENERGY STAR Logo    ENERGY STAR 2021 Award Logo    ENERGY STAR 2022 Logo    ENERGY STAR Version 5 Logo    ENERGY STAR Version 7 Logo


  • Columbia manufactures the widest range of ENERGY STAR® certified skylights in Canada. By choosing ENERGY STAR certified products you save on energy costs and protect the environment.
  • The Canadian ENERGY STAR® Program Version 5.0 for skylights took effect on January 1st, 2020. All skylights that exceed a U-factor of .40 Btu/h∙ft2oF or 2.29 W/m2∙K will not qualify for ENERGY STAR certification.
  • Columbia Manufacturing Co. Ltd. has been honoured with ENERGY STAR® Canada’s prestigious 2022 Special Recognition Award – after being awarded the Sustained Excellence award in 2021.
  • We appreciate ENERGY STAR Canada for recognizing Columbia’s decades of focus on sustainability and our continued commitment to producing Canadian made energy efficient skylights that adhere to the current ENERGY STAR certification.VISIT OUR ENERGY STAR PAGE

Environmental Highlights

Your Home is an Energy Efficient System
Home Glazing Options Feature
  • Using ENERGY STAR® Canada certified products can turn your home into an energy saving system. By choosing skylights, windows, and doors with a superior energy rating you create a consistent barrier against energy loss and are able to regulate the interior climate – increasing your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.
  • It is important to utilize all the components of your house in the battle against energy loss, such as insulating the walls and roof with the latest ENERGY STAR® Canada rated materials.


Sustainable Manufacturing & Product Development
Skylight Delivery Truck Feature
  • Every year Columbia reviews all our products, manufacturing processes, materials, packaging and shipping to determine where we can improve our environmental standards. All areas of our process, including product design, raw materials, production methods and the use of technologically advanced equipment meet Columbia’s environmental review standards.
  • Our efforts have been recognized in the winning of two ENERGY STAR® awards.
  • Columbia is continually assessing our Environmental Sustainability Plan:
    • Planning and implementation
    • Environmental goals
    • Management review and corrective action
    • Continual environmental improvement
Indoor Air & Light Quality is Important to Our Well-being
Yoga With Natural Light Skylight
  • Skylights improve the interior livability of your home. Creating a bright, vibrant, light filled interior environment that has a dramatic impact on the mental health of the inhabitants. The clarity of natural light makes all tasks easier, from cooking to homework.
  • Venting skylights improve interior comfort by letting in fresh air cooling and enhancing interior air quality, and removing excess heat, moisture, odors, and other indoor pollutants. Reducing the need for air conditioning during the year. The cross ventilation draws out hot stale air cooling your home with a gentle cross breeze.
  • Light has an uplifting quality. We spend more time inside our homes than ever before, natural light dramatically improves the livability of your home.


Let in Healthy Fresh Air Ventilation
Venting Skylight Feature
  • Airing out your home, venting the stagnant unhealthy air improves the interior environmental quality of your home. The regular ‘flushing out’ of your home’s interior to improve the air quality is popular in Europe and Asia.
  • Similar to how a sunroof in your car lets in air and refreshes your car’s interior – a venting skylight does the same, letting in a gentle flow of air from above that circulates around your home. Your family will feel invigorated.
  • Airing out your home gives you a sense of connection with the outside environment. Breath in and fill your lungs with fresh air.


For Commercial Buildings
Skylights In Empty Warehouse Feature
  • Correctly lighting a warehouse, big box store, factory or government building requires a mix of natural and artificial lighting. Creating the optimal environment for shoppers or workers. Artificial lighting is one of the largest sources of energy consumption in commercial and industrial factories and warehouses. On average, 40% of a building’s total energy is used by artificial light. Use Columbia skylights to manage your energy costs.
  • Natural light means happier employees, it increases productivity in the workforce and creates a more pleasant working environment. Natural light delivers a clarity that makes your products look better.