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Columbia custom sizes

Any size, any model, any glass or acrylic, any colour frame

At Columbia we know not every project is standard, as such we offer the widest selection of custom skylights on the market. This page walks you through the steps to correctly order a custom skylight.
  • Custom sizes have many advantages. If you’re replacing an old skylight you don’t have to incur the additional expense of modifying the roof opening and interior finish to fit todays available standard sizes.
  • Columbia’s customization program allows you to satisfy all of your client’s demands for size and model.
  • Columbia’s custom size program is the best in the industry, delivering flexibility, value and fast delivery.
  • We provide you with unequalled customer service, with the industry’s best service and lead times.


Custom Order Delivery 2 3 Weeks         Choose Custom Skylight Direction

Colby Custom Sizes Padded

The steps to specifying your custom SKYLIGHT

Determine the roof type glazing configuration

Sloped Roof Skylight
Sloped Roof

Glass is our recommendation for a sloped roof application. Acrylic (or polycarbonate) is typically used on a flat roof.

Flat Roof Skylight
Flat roof

An acrylic or polycarbonate dome or pyramid can be mounted on a flat roof. A glass skylight can be installed on a flat roof with a site built sloped curb (Min 2:12 pitch).

Choose The Model

  • Columbia offers custom sizing on all of its models.
  • Glass – we can manufacturer to the maximum size available.
  • Choice of any glass or acrylic glazing options on all custom sized models.
  • The maximum size is noted below each model of skylight.
  • An acrylic skylight can be manufactured to a larger size than glass.
  • Pyramid skylights are only available with a square base (equal side measurements).
Vcm Curb Mounted Fixed Skylight Product
Curb Mount Glass – Fixed
Gl Ocm Curb Mount Venting Glass Slope Product
Curb Mount Glass/Acrylic Venting (Manual or Electric)
Ac Vcm Aof Curb Mount Fixed Acrylic Dome Product
Curb Mount Acrylic Dome – Fixed
Ac Vcm Aof Curb Mount Fixed Acrylic Dome Product
Aluminum Outside Fastening Curb Mount – Fixed
Vsf Vinyl Self Flashing Fixed Skylight Product
Self Flashing Glass – Fixed
Osf Vinyl Self Flashing Manual Venting Skylight Product
Self Flashing Venting (Manual or Electric)
Ras Roof Access Door Glass Acrylic Product
Roof Access Doors
Vcm Aof P Curb Mount Pyramid Product
Curb Mount Acrylic Pyramid – Fixed
Square Base Only

Choose the Mounting Type

Curb Mount
Curb Mount Measurements

For Curb Mount skylights, measure the inside and outside curb dimensions carefully. Width x Height. Exclude any interior finishing materials.

Self Flashing
Self Flashing Measurements

For Self Flashing skylights measure the inside of the roof opening. Width x Height. Exclude any interior finishing materials.

Colby Critical Step

Choose The Glazing Configuration

Flat Glass
Flat Glass
(Double or Triple)

4’ x 6’

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Glass Type
  • LoE3 366 Clear
  • LoE3 366 Clear/Laminated
  • LoE3 366 Neat
  • LoE3 366 Tinted Bronze or Grey
  • LoE3 366 Reflective Bronze or Grey
  • LoE3 366 i89
  • LoE3 366 Triple Glazed Clear ENERGY STAR Logo@2x
  • LoE3 366 Triple Glazed Laminated ENERGY STAR Logo@2x
Acrylic Dome
Acrylic Dome or Pyramid
(Double or Triple)

8’ x 8’


6’ x 10’

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Acrylic Type

Double or Triple Glazed Acrylic
or Polycarbonate.

Clear, White, or Bronze Tint.

If you are ordering an Electric Venting Skylight: Columbia offers 3 Electric Motor & Remote Options

  • Designed by Truth Hardware™, UL listed and CSA approved.
  • Operates from 110 volt household current.
  • Available on the following venting models: Vinyl Self Flashing OSF E; and Vinyl Curb Mount OCM E.
  • Available for Glass or Acrylic models.

Best Value Convenience

When all you need is a wall mounted switch. Perfect for most customers.

Popular Choice – Remote and Rain Sensor

This elegant remote control provides the flexibility of a hand held unit, and includes a rain sensor.

Feature Packed – Remote, Rain Sensor & Thermostat

This top of the line remote comes with a thermostat, adjusting to your room temperature setting, and includes a rain sensor.

Choose Columbia’s Flashing Kit or Underlayment?

  • Columbia supplies a ready-to-use painted aluminum flashing kit and a high performance waterproof underlayment. For sloped asphalt shingle or wood shake roofing applications.
  • Order Flashing & Underlayment at the same time you order your skylight to make your installation as efficient and trouble free as possible. Recommended for use on all skylight installations
Fkcm Flashing Kit
FKCM – Flashing Kit

Only suitable for sloped roof (Min 2:12), asphalt shingles, and wood shake.

Iws Underlayment
IWS – Underlayment

Order through your local Distributor.

If you need assistance, send us a note or give us a call.
Tel: 1 888 437 5557