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Columbia offers the Largest Selection Of Standard Skylight Sizes

At Columbia, we provide customers every possible option, including offering more standard sizes than any other skylight company. Allowing customers to pick what they need, without the added expense and time needed to produce a custom order.
  • Standard sizes still provide you with the flexibility to choose from all our glass or acrylic options and select from our 7 standard frame colours, or unlimited colour matching.
  • Increase you project efficiency. Columbia can produce high quality standard sized skylights quickly and at a lower cost.
  • If you don’t find the size you need in our standard sizes, visit our custom order section.
Vcm Curb Mounted Fixed Skylight Product
Curb Mount Glass – Fixed
Gl Ocm Curb Mount Venting Glass Slope Product
Curb Mount Glass/Acrylic Venting (Manual or Electric)
Ac Vcm Aof Curb Mount Fixed Acrylic Dome Product
Curb Mount Acrylic Dome – Fixed
Ac Vcm Aof Curb Mount Fixed Acrylic Dome Product
Aluminum Outside Fastening Curb Mount – Fixed
Vsf Vinyl Self Flashing Fixed Skylight Product
Self Flashing Glass – Fixed
Osf Vinyl Self Flashing Manual Venting Skylight Product
Self Flashing Venting (Manual or Electric)
Ras Roof Access Door Glass Acrylic Product
Roof Access Doors
Vcm Aof P Curb Mount Pyramid Product
Curb Mount Acrylic Pyramid – Fixed

COLUMBIA Standard Sizes

Acrylic Dome & Polycarbonate
Columbia Standard Size Chart Imperial En Columbia Standard Size Chart Metric En

How to measure the size of your skylight

Curb Mount
Curb Mount Measurements

For Curb Mount skylights, measure the inside and outside curb dimensions carefully.
Width x Height. Exclude any interior finishing materials.

Self Flashing
Self Flashing Measurements

For Self Flashing skylights measure the inside of the roof opening. Width x Height. Exclude any interior finishing materials.

If You Can’t Find what You Need, Custom sizes are always an option from Columbia

  • Columbia’s custom skylight program allows you to satisfy your client’s specific requirements – whether replacing old skylights or dealing with a structural issue.
  • Our custom program offers any size, any model, any glazing, in any colour frame, fixed or venting.
  • If you are replacing an existing older skylight, you don’t have to incur additional expenses by modifying the roof opening to fit available standard sizes. We can make the new skylight to the exact size of the old one.
  • We provide you with unequalled customer support, providing you with the advice you need, and with the industry’s best service and delivery times.