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We welcome new dealers & Distributors

Columbia is interested in partnering with new dealers and distributors. Over the decades, our dealer network has been critical to our business success. We have built strong, loyal, profitable business relationships for the last sixty years.

New Dealers 25 Percent Off

* With leading dealers and distributors of skylights in all Provinces and two Territories of Canada, as well as in the United States.

  • We are currently selling Columbia products across North America and exporting around the world, and are always interested in expanding our dealer network.
  • Be sure to submit this form to either the residential or commercial products division, allowing us to respond to your request in a timely fashion.
  • Thank you for your interest in Columbia Skylight Systems.

Thank you for your interest in Columbia Skylights.

Kindly contact us at, and provide an introduction to your business and full contact information.


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