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ENERGY STAR High Efficiency 2021

Columbia is the recipient of the ENERGY STAR® Canada Sustained Excellence Award for 2021. Acknowledging our commitment to manufacturing energy efficient products.

ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award 2022

Columbia is recognized by ENERGY STAR® Canada for the second year in a row. Columbia is proud to be the only skylight supplier to the Canadian market to have been recognized by ENERGY STAR® Canada.


Columbia is proud to announce that it has received its third ENERGY STAR® Canada award in four years. We thank ENERGY STAR for this recognition. It acknowledges our commitment to producing superior energy efficient skylights.


Top selling skylight in canada

Built in Canada, by Canadians, for the Canadian Climate

  1. ENERGY STAR® Glazing Options.
    Columbia offers the widest selection of ENERGY STAR® certified skylights in the industry.

    All Columbia skylights, fixed or venting, standard, or custom sized are available in triple glazed configurations. Choose the right glass for our climate.
  2. Superior Condensation Control
    All Columbia skylights feature a base frame with an integrated 4-sided condensation gutter to collect moisture caused by Canada’s extreme weather.

    Columbia’s Condensation Control Technology prevents water staining your lightwell, unlike imported models.
  3. The Right Materials for the Canadian Climate
    Corrosion resistant aluminum exterior frames in a choice of 7 standard colours.

    Superior gasket system to ensure no air leakage, water infiltration, or heat loss.
  4. Rigid PVC Base Frame
    Skylights are windows on your roof and we duplicate leading window manufacturers with white PVC base frames to match your inside lightwell.
Our skylights are on over 1 million homes across North America


Skylights In Living Room
Columbia Skylights
  • Columbia has been manufacturing skylights for over 6 decades, and over a million of our skylights grace Canadian and US homes and commercial buildings.
  • Fixed, Venting, Curb Mount, Self Flashing, Residential and Commercial. Skylights designed for sloped and flat roofs, integrating with any roofing material.


Commercial Warehouse Skylights
Commercial Skylights
  • Columbia is renowned for manufacturing industrial grade commercial skylights for decades. We offer a wide selection of commercial products for every application.
  • Bring the benefits of natural light to your factory floor, warehouse, or commercial building.


Skylights In Natural Roof
Flat Roof Skylights
  • Columbia manufactures a wide selection of skylights for flat roof applications, residential & commercial. Curb Mount, Sun Tubes, Roof Access Doors, and specialty skylights.
  • FAKRO produces a range of exceptional flat roof skylights, including the revolutionary DXW Flat Walkable Skylight.


Skylight In Kitchen Family Room
Custom Size Skylights
  • Columbia offers the widest selection of sizes on the market – but we know not every project is standard. As a result, we offer our extensive custom skylight ordering program.
  • Any model, fixed or venting, any glass or acrylic, any frame colour.


Sun Tubes In Kitchen
Sun Tubes
  • Columbia sun tubes provide natural light to darker smaller areas in your home, such as closets, hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Columbia offers a wide range of sun tubes and accessories to suit the requirements of any installation.


Fakro Roof Windows
FAKRO Premium European Skylights
  • Columbia Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor of FAKRO skylights, roof windows and flat roof skylights in Canada.
  • Bringing this range of exceptionally designed premium European products to Canadian consumers.


Why Columbia


ENERGY STAR® & Sustainability

  • All Columbia skylights, fixed or venting, standard or custom sized are available in ENERGY STAR® certified double and triple glazed configurations.
  • Columbia was recognized by ENERGY STAR with the prestigious 2021 Sustained Excellence and the 2022 and 2024 Special Recognition awards for our commitment to manufacturing energy efficient products. We are dedicated to the goals of the program and continually strive to produce the best skylight products for the Canadian consumer.
The Right Size Skylight

The right size for every application

  • The largest selection of standard sizes in the
    industry offers our customers a real advantage. Customers can pick what they want without compromising on appearance.
  • Custom Sizes Available: any model, any glass type, any frame type, fixed & venting. If you’re replacing an existing skylight, you don’t have to incur additional expenses by modifying the roof opening to fit available standard size choices.
High Performance Skylights

OVER 65 years of High Performance Skylights

  • Many imported skylights are designed for a more temperate climate and lack the performance and durability.
  • Columbia has spent over five decades manufacturing high quality skylights designed to out perform the harsh Canadian climate.
  • Every aspect of the skylight has been studied, engineered and tested, using the best materials available, including the latest glass technology.

Design Support & Customer Service

  • Our Customer Service team is here to help – from the selection of the right product, correct product specification, installation consultation, help with an order, or an update on delivery.
  • Call us when you are planning your project or skylight replacement, or if you have a lighting issue you don’t know how to solve. We are here to help.

Seven standard & unlimited Custom frame colours

  • Choose from seven standard frame colours, or custom colour to match your roofing materials or window trim.
  • Architects design natural light into the interior of the home; however, they want the skylight to blend with your roof colour.
  • Contrasting the skylight frame with your roof colour can be unattractive and an eyesore.
  • Unlimited Custom Frame Colours to match every roof. Bring in a paint chip to your dealer, and we will match it.


  • The widest range of double and triple glazing in the industry. More ENERGY STAR® skylights than any other manufacturer.
  • Columbia’s glazing options are available on all models, fixed & venting, standard & custom sizes.
  • Columbia has the widest range of ENERGY STAR® certified skylights in Canada.

Premium European MANUFACTURED skylights only FROM Columbia

  • Columbia is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor of FAKRO skylights and roof windows, a range of premium European products of exceptional quality with outstanding energy saving performance.
  • A range of outstanding fixed and venting skylights, roof windows and flat roof skylights.
  • For over 30 years the FAKRO Group has produced European, beautifully designed, technically superior skylights
  • FAKRO has sold over 8 million skylights in more than 50 countries, produced in their European manufacturing plants.