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More Frame Colours

  • Columbia Offers Frame Colours to Match Every Roof material. 7 standard frame colours are available on all models, fixed and venting, glass and acrylic, including custom sizes.
  • Unlimited custom colour options. Custom match your frame to any colour, bring in a paint chip to your dealer and we can match it.
  • As roofing material manufacturers introduce new products, adding to an ever growing variety of metal roofing, shingles, and tiles, a custom coloured skylight could be the solution.
  • For optimum attractiveness architects prefer the skylight to blend with your roof material colour. Seamlessly integrating the frame colour with the shingles, tiles, or metal roof to create a harmonious sophisticated look.
  • A contrasting skylight frame and roof colour can be unattractive and look poorly conceived.

See How Much Better A Properly Matched Skylight Looks

Non-Matched Skylight
Matched Skylight
Skylight Standard Black Frame Skylight Colour Match Frame
Use the slider to see the difference a perfectly match frame colour makes.

Common roof colour based
on the roof type

With changing architectural styles and technology there are more roof colour choices available than ever before. As well as colours, roof materials come in different profiles. For example shingles come in a number of profile designs dependent on the manufacturer, tiles come in high or low profile, and metal roofs come in different seam designs. It is best to consult your architect, or contractor, or review the manufacturer’s website.

Below are some of the most common options, these examples are for reference only, consult with your contractor and roofing material supplier.

Anodization is an oxide layer that forms on the aluminum surface and has ceramic properties. It does offer greater resistance to wear compared to painted aluminum. Providing superior protection and durability than unfinished aluminum, resisting nicks and scratches.

How to order a custom colour frame

It is a simple process to order a custom colour skylight frame. If you need any help just email us, we’d be glad to help. Typical delivery time is 4 weeks.
  1. Pick your colour: Match your roof material, window trim, or any custom colour.
  2. Visit or contact your Columbia Skylight dealer to place the skylight order. Submit the paint chip sample or colour code as part of your order.
  3. The dealer will submit the order to Columbia. Delivery will be in approximately 4 weeks.

Columbia’S superior paint finish

Columbia Skylights Paint Finish
Specially Formulated Paint Finish
  • Columbia uses a unique paint application that bonds with aluminum, and resists long term sun bleaching, fading, and scratching.
  • Columbia’s paint finish is applied in a series of protective layers. Formulated for strength and durability.
Ecologically Friendly Paint
Ecologically Friendly Paint
  • As part of Columbia’s ecological commitment, the paint and finishing of our products are water based for safer disposal and to reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Review Columbia’s sustainability policy.