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  • An ideal solution for attic or loft room, incorporating European design.
  • The pivot function enables the sash to be rotated through 180° and locked when cleaning the outer pane.
  • Unique opening mechanism can be changed using the preSelect sliding switch located in the middle of the frame, converting the window from top hung to centre pivot.
  • Includes automatic air-inlet V40P, providing the ideal amount of air flow into the room.
  • Premium narrow grain pine frame, pressure treated and factory lacquered.
  • Internal gasket system to collect and drain any possible condensation.
  • Suitable for roofs with pitches between 15-55° degrees.
  • Energy efficient LoE argon P2, tempered / laminated glazing unit.
  • Low profile design complements your roof design.
  • UV resistant polyester paint coated aluminum frame for long life.
  • Blackout (ARF) or light filtering (ARP) blinds are available.
  • Mosquito screens (AMS) available, sold separately.
  • Note: For the warranty to be valid, FAKRO skylights must be installed with a FAKRO flashing kit.
  • P5 (Triple Glazing) is also available by special order.

Highlights of the FPP-V preSelect Max – Deck Mounted Top Hung & Pivot Roof Window

FPP-V Highlight 1
PreSelect Switch
  • The preSelect MAX sliding switch in the FPP-V is used to select the window opening method and is invisible when fully closed.
  • The sliding switch is located in the lower part of the frame, improving ergonomic accessibility and operation.
FPP-V Highlight 2
Two Opening Options
  • The FPP-V preSelect MAX window can be opened outwards from the top or centre pivot. Two independent opening mechanisms ensures sash stability in both opening modes.
  • The centre pivot provides easy access for cleaning and the top opening provides additional height clearance when standing at the window enjoying the view.
FPP-V Highlight 3
Automatic V40P Air Inlet
  • Our innovative V40P air inlet system uses a semi automatic vent activated by changes in wind pressure to continually adjust levels of fresh air flow.
  • In winter, outside airflow is limited to protect the room from energy and heat loss.
  • The air inlet design provides excellent thermal, and sound insulation, as well as outstanding air filtration keeping dust out of the room. 
FPP-V Highlight 4
ThermoPro Technology
  • This leading insulation technology significantly improves the energy efficiency of the roof window with the latest thermal insulation, by protecting the thick wood frame and reducing cold air transfer.
  • The bottom corners of the frame are equipped with drainage channels to discharge water from any condensation that may have formed. The wooden profiles of the window are less exposed to any moisture, which adds to durability.

Thermopro Logo

FPP-V Highlight 5
TopSafe System
  • Rest assured, the proven topSafe anti burglary system improves security making the window extremely difficult to force open.
  • The frame is screwed and locked in place in multiple locations, delivering enhanced safety, security, and burglary resistance.

Topsafe Badge

FPP-V Highlight 6
World Class European Quality
  • FAKRO products are renowned the world over for their outstanding European design and manufacturing quality.
  • FAKRO skylights and roof windows feature thick wooden frames made of select narrow grain pine, seasoned and vacuum pressure treated. Factory lacquered before final assembly.
  • 20 year warranty against sealed unit failure.

FAKRO’s Premium P2 Glazing Unit and Specifications

P2 Glazing Benefits
P5 (Triple Glazed) FPP-V also available by special order. Call for more information.

Fpp V Specs
Tested in accordance with EN-14351. European standard for windows and doors.

The Features of FAKRO’s Laminated Glass

FAKRO offers laminated glass on all its skylights and roof windows. FAKRO uses a number of different configurations of glazing based on the requirements of the skylight or roof window, this includes double, triple and now Canada’s first quadruple glass unit. Laminated glass has many benefits.
Sound reduction airplane
Superior Sound Reduction

Reduces the effects of sound by up to 30% compared to standard double pane glass, and up to 50% less than a acrylic skylight. Bring natural light in without additional noise such as traffic or planes.

Hammer resistant security glass
Additional Security

Laminated glass is more difficult to break and penetrate. So, if you are concerned about security it is worth considering. The vinyl interlayer holds the glass together in case of breakage.

Uv protected glass
Best in class UV Protection

Laminated glass lets the light in but protects your home from UV rays. The ideal choice to prevent fading of your floors, furniture and artwork.

Increased Safety
Increased Safety

Laminated glass provides additional safety. Even when broken it does not shatter because the two inner layers of glass are bonded to a thin plastic membrane.

Many building codes require laminated glass for out of reach applications.

FAKRO’s Premium Wood Frames

Graphic european quality wood
Pressure treated wood skylight cross section
FAKRO skylights are made with extra thick pressure treated solid wood frames, up to:


Roof Pitch 3 12 17 12

Sizes for FPP-V preSelect Max – Deck Mounted Top Hung & Pivot Roof Window

Roof Pitch 3 12 17 12
Size Chart – Summary
Fpp V Size Chart Summary Metric En
Fpp V Size Chart Summary Imperial En

Pinch to enlarge.

Technical Information

Each model comes with a downloadable information package to help you select, specify, and install our product. If you do not find what you need, don’t hesitate to call our Columbia Customer Service Team at 604 437 3377 (Toll Free: 888 437 5557) or email

Size Chart
Download Size Chart Cta
Download a PDF of the size chart for this model as reference.

The size chart is in Imperial and Metric.
FAKRO Installation Instruction Cta
Use FAKRO’s installation instructions to ensure a successful installation.

Download the instructions for this model, or if you need multiple models go to the Installation Instruction Library page.
Drawings &
Drawings And Specs Cta
Download a 3D Drawing (.dwg CAD file), BIM Model (.rfa), and Cross Sections as .dwg and PDF.

Product Specifications as a Word Doc or PDF.

For multiple models go to the Drawings & Specification Library page.
High Performance
Flashing Systems
High Performance Flashing Systems Cta
FAKRO manufactures a series of exceptional flashing systems tailored to the needs of its products.

Including energy efficient thermo flashing.
Light Filtering &
Blackout Blinds
Light Filtering And Blackout Blinds Cta
FAKRO produces an extensive range of high quality light filtering and blackout blinds in a range of designer fabrics and colours.

Designed to complement any interior designer’s vision.

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