Commercial Products

This product area is manufactured by Columbia Glazing Systems Inc. and their complete product lines will be included in this area in the near future. This section of the site is presently under construction. Please contact Columbia Glazing Systems Inc.

Columbia Glazing Systems.pdf (6,754 kb)
Twenty page consumer/contractor brochure with residential and commercial skylight and solarium systems and full range of unit skylight models. Product range includes; structural pyramids, polygons, hipped ridgelights, barrel and quarter vaults, walkway covers, lean-tos, T-bar glazing system, pyramid/dome clusters, curved and straight eave solariums, wood roof windows, curb mounted and self flashing unit skylights, circular roof domes.

Columbia Solarium Systems.pdf (2.962 kb)
Eight page consumer/contractor brochure with residential and commercial curved and straight eave solarium product lines. Models include basewall (BW), glass to ground (GG), extra high (XH), and two story (TS). Solarium width of up to 13’ 5” and multiple bays in 30” modules. Custom colours and sizes available. Detailed cross section illustrations.

Columbia Glazing Systems Inc.
Head Office & Manufacturing

North Fraser Way
Burnaby, British Columbia
Canada, V5J 4Z3
Tel: (604) 421-6591
Fax: (604) 421-8253 7481