This versatile product can be used with all Columbia curb mount skylight models. It provides a weatherproof seal between the curb and your roof deck. It is to be used with thin roofing materials including: asphalt or fiberglass shingles, cedar shingles and shakes.

  • Compatible curb mount skylights… VCM… OVCM… ATCM… ACM… ATCM-OF.
  • Suitable for low profile roofing materials on roof pitches from 15° (3:12) – 60° (20:12).
  • 2×6 and 2×4 site-built curbs
  • Recommended Columbia IWS skylight underlayment membrane is applied between roof deck and curb prior to installation of flashings.
  • Continuous counterflashing on top of entire framed curb is suggested.
  • Minimum 2”x2” cant strip cut diagonally to a 45° angle applied to the bottom of your wood curb for flat roof installations.


Available on the following models: Vinyl Self Flashing Venting (OVSF); Vinyl Curb Mount Venting (OVCM); Venting Wood Roof Window (CVS)

  • At the push of a button using your wireless remote control, you’re in command with fresh air and temperature control. A convenience for skylights set in high ceilings or hard to reach areas.
  • Columbia motorized skylights feature low profile design, decorative cover and quiet running motor.
  • Automatic motor reversal has been engineered into the system, which is intended to reverse the motor should an obstruction stop the skylight while closing.
  • The attractive easy to use remote control quickly and quietly opens and closes your skylight from any location in the room.
  • VE electric motor kits are simple to install and plug directly into a standard 110v wall outlet.
  • VE electric motors are UL listed and CSA approved.
  • Can control up to six skylights with the same wireless remote.
  • Motor kit includes a rain sensor that automatically closes your skylight during inclement weather.


All of our venting skylights are supplied with insect screens to allow fresh air flow with protection from pests.


Choose an attractive sun-screening accessory from your neighborhood window coverings specialist to give you extra control over light or direct sun.

  • Columbia requires any blind or sunshade installation to be a minimum 12 inches from the skylight frame. The blind must also allow for air passage from the base of the skylight through the blind into your home, thus preventing excessive heat build up between the blind and your skylight. (this point highlighted in yellow in a gray box, see top of ‘glazing options’ page)
  • Fashionable shades without any visible cords to fit any room are available in wide range of colors. Why settle for only white?
  • Your window covering specialist has light blocking fabric blinds available to eliminate light when desired.
  • Venetian blinds are available for both vertical and overhead applications in a wide selection of colors, which will enable you to adjust the volume of light and direction into your room.
  • Columbia builds skylights for your every need. We strongly suggest you seek out the advice of a window coverings professional to complete your skylight installation.