Aluminum Curb Mounted (ACM-P) – Operable Electric Spindle Pyramid

This model consists of a durable, weather resistant, extruded aluminum retaining frame and an extruded aluminum heliarc welded base frame. This aluminum base frame is not thermally broken and is recommended for year round moderate climates or for single glazing applications, such as walkways, balconies, carports etc. This model is typically used for larger skylights that require additional strength and rigidity.

The ACM-P operable skylight is hinged directly to the curb and does not include a two part sash and base. The entire skylight lifts off the curb and is sealed to the curb with a high density foam gasket when closed. This skylight does not include a screen and is primarily used for venting commercial applications.

The Columbia aluminum curb mounted skylight is designed to work on any height curb with a nominal 2” width.

Electric spindle operating mechanism»

Wide range of glazing options in acrylic and polycarbonate»

Suitable for all flat or sloped roof applications»

Standard sizes include a full range of models for homes designed with 16” and 24” on centre rafters or trusses.»

Any size skylight available»

Exterior frame finishes – four standard colours»

Large capacity four sided condensation channel»


  • The ACM–P skylight consists of an electric actuator (motor) connected to the skylight and mounts to your curb.
  • Must be installed by a certified electrician and requires a 110V power source.
  • Includes a three position toggle switch for opening, stationary, and closing positions.

a. Acrylic

  • Clear
  • Bronze
  • White

All above available in single, double, or triple glazed.

b. Polycarbonate

  • Clear
  • Bronze
  • White

All above available in single, double, or triple glazed.

See Glazing section for additional information.

  • Acrylic – Installs on flat or sloped roofs
  • Polycarbonate – Installs on flat or sloped roofs

See Roof types and slopes section for additional information.

See Why Skylights – What Size section for additional information.

  • Acrylic and polycarbonate available in 11 standard sizes from 16” x 16” to 96” x 96”.
  • Any custom size in glass or acrylic also available. Example – inside curb rough opening 67¾” x 67¾”.

  • Standard frame colour – Rideau Brown
  • Optional frame colours – Black, White, Sandalwood
  • Custom coloured frames also available

  • Weep holes in all four corners to allow any condensation build up to drain to the outside roof
  • Allows for multi directional installation of skylight
  • Eliminates water stains on your interior light shaft

  • Comprehensive 10 year warranty on the skylight

See Warranty section for additional information.