Dimmer Light»

Light Kit»

Light pipe Angle Adapters or Elbows»

 Exhaust Vent Kit»

  • Remote controlled dimmer allows you to adjust the amount of daylight entering the room through your tubular skylight
  • The dimmer is available for the 10″, 13″ and 21″ tubular skylight models
  • The dimmer kit is fully assembled and is easy to install.

  • The light kit can be installed in the previous fixture’s ceiling rough out or can be added anywhere with additional electrical wiring.
  • The light kit is available in 3 different models: single bulb, dual bulb and fluorescent.

  • Angle adapter is constructed out of the same highly reflective material as our light pipe.
  • Elbows are fully adjustable from 0 – 45 degrees allowing you to skew the direction of the light pipe to avoid attic obstructions.
  • Each angle adapter comes with additional tek screws and foil tape.

  • Intake vent is disguised in a sleek trim ring that holds the skylight diffuser.
  • Vent is connected to a motor that is remotely extremely quiet
  • Flexible exhaust tubing allows for many venting options including a dual.
  • Vent Kit is capable of exhausting 125 cfm, enough to vent a bathroom and shower stall