Rigid Sun Tube (RST) – Fixed

Columbia’s Rigid Sun Tube skylight provides a tunnel that is highly reflective and maximizes the illumination in your room below. As rays of light bounce or bend, their intensity diminishes. The Columbia system is designed to access as much direct sunlight with as few bends as possible.


Pitched, metal roof jack»


Light tube/ Light output»





  • Flat and sloped roof models available in  21″ diameters.
  • Maximum tube length on 21” diameter is 20′.

  • Columbia’s Rigid Sun Tube skylight features black baked enamel heavy duty aluminum frame to compliment roofing materials.
  • Angled roof jack has unique forward sloping design eliminating light robbing elbows.
  • Flat roof jack available for flat roof installation.
  • The Columbia roof jack is designed for low profile roofing materials including shakes and shingles.
  • The round shape minimizes damage to roof shingles and enables it to withstand the stresses of expansion and contraction due to temperature variations.

  • Formed from high impact modified acrylic which is UV stabilized, and absorbs 99% of UV rays while maintaining maximum light transmission.

  • Silver coated aluminum light pipe with 95% light reflectivity for maximum brightness in your home. The pipe is easily trimmed with shears during installation.

  • Designed with precise arc for even light dispersion without spot lighting or glare. Includes double lens with attractive prismatic finish.
  • Double glazed lens reduces condensation and increases energy efficiency.
  • The Columbia Sun Tube has an attractive, pre-assembled ceiling ring for a clean finish. This trim ring is constructed of seamless aluminum and is powder coated white in colour.

  • Columbia Sun Tubes can be installed on roof slopes ranging from 0 to 60 degrees. Some slopes will require the addition of elbows.
  • Columbia Sun Tubes are simple to install and can be completed in an afternoon by a homeowner with carpentry skills.

  • Electric light kit is available to provide optional evening illumination. An incandescent or fluorescent light fixture is mounted inside and is wired to the wall switch.

  • Comprehensive 10 year warranty on the sun tube.

See Warranty section for additional information.