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Glass Skylights


Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions: Glass Skylights

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Safety should always be considered when cleaning your Columbia skylight. Skylights are not designed to support the weight of humans. Never try to stretch out to a surface for cleaning by leaning away from the ladder. Use safety equipment appropriate for the situation.


1. Flat glass – New no-drip or foaming formulas a good idea for skylights.
2. Vinyl Frame – Mild soap & water solution should be your first option.
3. Insect screens – Disengage from unit

  • Vacuum or brush off dust
  • Wash with soapy water and rinse off with hose

4. Other (stained wood, paneling, etc.) – verify effect of cleaning agents with all surfaces. Do not overspray, rather moisten cloth with the cleaner and pass over surface to be cleaned.


1. Glass glazing – same procedure as interior

  • Pine pitch & tar – citrus-based cleaners can often do a good job. (Do not use concentrated cleaning agents – dilute with water and test first on a small, inconspicuous area.)
  • Kerosene is OK if other methods don’t work.

2. Vinyl frame – same procedure as interior

3. Metal retainer frame

  • Soap & water, most household spray cleaners. (Keep away from plastic surfaces)
  • Car wax can be applied annually to maintain the original gloss of the retainer frame.
  • Clean any leaves, needles, or other debris from around the skylight every fall to minimize the chance for ice buildup in the winter.