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Acrylic Skylights


Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions: Acrylic Skylights

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Columbia skylights are made from the highest quality extruded acrylic supplied from leading North American manufacturers. The skylights expected life, with regular maintenance, is in excess of twenty years. There are other overseas acrylic suppliers providing lesser quality material that has a shorter lifespan and may yellow and crack. Polycarbonate skylights can also yellow over time, regardless of the source of the material.

Columbia acrylic skylight products should be cleaned periodically. A regular cleaning program of once or twice a year will prevent any noticeable weathering of the plastic skylight lens.

Pre-rinse the skylight lens to remove excess grit and dust particles, etc.
2. Using a clean, soft cloth or sponge, with a mixture of mild household detergent consisting of 80% lukewarm water and 20% liquid detergent, wash the skylight.
3. Finish with a high power cold water rinse.
4. Dry with a chamois or moist cellulose sponge to prevent water spots.

Note: Plastic cleaners such as Novus or Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze plastic polish, provide a good waxed finish for your plastic skylight products.

  1. DO NOT use abrasive or highly alkaline cleaners on Columbia acrylic
  2. DO NOT use benzene, gasoline, acetone, or carbon tetrachloride on  
                   Columbia skylights.
  3. DO NOT use cleaning liquids that contain abrasives or powder cleaners
                   such as Comet,  Spic’n’Span, Soft Scrub, etc.
  4. DO NOT clean the skylight in the hot sun (or direct sunlight) or at
                   elevated temperatures.
  5. DO NOT clean plastic lens excessively and/or at short time intervals;
                   clean only as required. This will assure many years of clarity and
                   gloss for the skylight.
  6. DO NOT use squeegees or applicators that can trap stones or grit.