Flexible Sun Tubes (FST)

Columbia Flexible Sun Tubes

It’s even easier to bring natural light to any space with Columbia’s new flexible sun tube skylight. Easily installed around attic obstructions, the highly reflective light pipe is ideal for situations where straight runs of pipe are not possible.

Columbia flexible sun tubes are available in north america’s most popular sun tube size: 13″

Four models to suit your roofing application

  • Flat roof flashing
  • Sloped roof flashing
  • Curb mount kit
  • Low profile glass kit

The complete flexible sun tube kit includes:

Dome: Formed from high impact modified acrylic – absorbs 99% of UV rays while maintaining optic clarity.

Roof jack (Flashing): Heavy duty aluminum frame to complement common roofing materials. Chose from Sloped, Flat, Curb Mount and Low Profile Glass designs.

8 feet of flexible light pipe: Made from heavy duty, highly reflective aluminum duct. Columbia’s flexible light pipe is tear, puncture and fire resistant.

Diffuser: Sleek flat diffuser for smooth integrated, modern finish. The standard kit comes with a prismatic diffuser. A soft white diffuser is available for a less intense light.