Columbia Skylights receives ENERGY STAR® Canada award for the second year in a row

Columbia Manufacturing Co. Ltd. has been honoured with ENERGY STAR® Canada’s prestigious 2022 Special Recognition Award – after being awarded the Sustained Excellence award in 2021.

We thank ENERGY STAR Canada for acknowledging Columbia’s decades of focus on sustainability and our continued commitment to producing the only Canadian made energy efficient skylights that adhere to the current ENERGY STAR certification. Columbia is proud to be the only skylight supplier to the Canadian market to have been recognized by ENERGY STAR Canada.

Columbia has been a dedicated member of the ENERGY STAR Canada program since 2007.
As Canada’s largest skylight manufacturer we want to thank Natural Resources Canada and the Canadian ENERGY STAR program for highlighting our ongoing efforts across product development, glazing technology, manufacturing sustainability, and the promotion of ENERGY STAR to the Canadian consumer. Columbia has the widest range of ENERGY STAR certified skylights in Canada.

“Enhancing energy efficiency is key to working towards our ambitious climate goals, while creating sustainable jobs for cleaner growth and a greener, more energy-efficient future. This year’s ENERGY STAR Canada award recipients are ambassadors of energy efficiency and examples of the value of investing in smart energy choices.” said the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources. “Congratulations to Columbia Manufacturing Co. Ltd in Burnaby, British Columbia, as the recipient of the 2022 ENERGY STAR Canada Award for Special Recognition.”

“We are extremely proud to be recognized by ENERGY STAR for the second year,” says Michael Williams, president of Columbia Manufacturing. “We continue to strive to manufacture a superior energy efficient skylight. Columbia has been producing superior high-performance skylights since 1955 and is honoured to receive this new award in recognition of our commitment to developing products that meet the high expectations of today’s customer.”

Energy efficiency and sustainability are increasingly important to the Canadian homeowner. It is Columbia Manufacturing’s goal to offer customers the best product possible — skylights that can withstand the extreme demands of our Canadian climate utilizing the latest materials and technology. This singular focus and drive have allowed the company to grow for over six decades and succeed against international competition.

Every aspect of the skylight has been engineered and rigorously tested to the highest design specification. Columbia is the only manufacturer to offer triple glazing across our entire skylight range – fixed, venting, standard size, or custom order. We also offer skylights with tinted glass options to reduce solar heat gain and visible light transmission, in both dual and triple glazed configurations. Columbia uses the latest glass technology, argon gas filled triple glazing, along with innovative frame design to surpass the standards set out by ENERGY STAR Canada.

More Canadians are choosing to put Columbia’s Canadian made skylights on their houses – whether they are homeowners, contractors, roofers, or architects because they recognize the importance of energy efficiency. Investing in ENERGY STAR certified skylights makes more sense than ever – it helps protect you against rising energy costs for decades to come.

About ENERGY STAR Canada
ENERGY STAR Canada is a 21-year-long energy efficiency success story. The program is a voluntary partnership between the Government of Canada and more than 1,000 organizations working to use natural resources more wisely through greater energy efficiency. Behind each ENERGY STAR label is a product, home, building or industrial facility that is independently certified to use less energy and cause fewer of the emissions that contribute to climate change. ENERGY STAR is Canada’s simple choice to save energy, save money and save our environment. For more information about ENERGY STAR Canada, visit