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The Columbia Advantage

For over sixty years Columbia has been the leading Canadian Manufacturer of skylight and solarium systems. With an immaculate track record of providing top quality products at an affordable price, Columbia skylights is the brand of choice for architects, roofers, and DIY homeowners.

Columbia is your complete skylight source, offering the industry’s widest selection of skylight models, with the largest selection of standard sizes, as well as any custom sized skylight in all possible glazing options. We are able to design and fabricate the most challenging architectural designs from a 10,000 sq. ft. skylight for a shopping centre or airport terminal, to a 2’ x 2’ skylight for your guest bathroom.

Quite simply, you will not find a better quality product, a better selection of in-stock product to meet your needs or a more complete line of competitively priced products and accessories.

Columbia has the proven capability to arrive at any skylight solution, for any job condition, architectural specification or budget allowance.

Consider the Columbia difference:

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Our customers have choices. Our standard glass features, the new LoE³-366® Clear from Cardinal in tempered/tempered or tempered/laminated. We also have the following standard glass options not available from other leading skylight companies.

  • LoE³ Clear
  • LoE³ Neat
  • LoE³ i89
  • LoE³ Triple Glazed
  • LoE³ Triple Glazed Laminated
  • LoE³ Bronze/Grey
  • Solar Reflective Bronze
  • Laminated Glass

Columbia can also supply, on a custom order basis, any glazing tint, reflective glass or LoE³-366® product in virtually any glass combination.

We can supply all of these glazing alternatives in any standard or custom size you need. Our objective is to satisfy your requirements.

Acrylic and Polycarbonate

We supply single, double, and triple glazed skylights in sizes from 14” x 14” to 100” x 100”. The standard tints are clear, bronze, and white but we can provide any acrylic or polycarbonate tint available.

We can supply all of these glazing alternatives in any standard or custom size you need.


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Condensation Drainage System»

Energy Star®»

Easy Installation»

The industry’s largest selection of standard sizes, and all skylight models can be reversed i.e. 2852 or 5228. We can produce any size you require, in any model, in any glazing type. For example, if you require an electric wood roof window with an inside rough opening of 25.75” x 42.25”, it is available. Your warehouse requires a curb mounted skylight 73.6” x 91.5”, it is available.

Our standard frame colour for all skylight and roof windows is brown. We also offer, for a small upcharge, a choice of white, black, or sandalwood.

Sandalwood is not available from other leading skylight companies. Should your project require many skylights, we can custom paint to any colour specification.

Columbia skylights are specially designed for northern climates and feature a large, four sided condensation gutter on all models with exterior drainage. Other leading skylight companies include smaller condensation channels, only on the bottom side, without exterior drainage.

The majority of Columbia unit skylights qualify for the Energy Star® program in Canada and the United States.

Columbia’s full range of unit skylight models, including curb mounted, self flashing, and roof windows, are the choice of roofing professionals and do-it-yourselfers for their trouble free installation. Other leading skylight companies require difficult installation procedures which include disassembling and reassembling your skylight resulting in more warranty issues.