Vancouver Skylights

Choosing your Vancouver Skylight

What type of roof do you have?
Columbia Skylights are designed to fit on homes with 16” and 24” on center rafters or trusses
> Skylights can be installed on: Asphalt, Fiberglass, Shingles, Slate, Cedar shakes, Concrete and Spanish tile
> In Vancouver the most popular residential roofing material is: Shingles

Choose a fixed or venting skylight?
Columbia Skylights are available in fixed and venting models
Columbia’s fixed curb mount glass skylight is Vancouver’s most popular model
Columbia’s venting curb mount skylight is available in manual and electric options
Click the links below for more information

Fixed Curb Mount
Venting Curb Mount

Do you have a flat or sloped roof?
Flat Roof: Install an acrylic dome skylight or a sun tube
Sloped Roof: If you have a sloped roof you can install a glass or acrylic dome skylight or a sun tube

> Minimum Roof Pitch required for curb mount skylights: 2:12 slope
> Minimum Roof Pitch required for self flashing skylights: 3:12 slope
> Minimum Roof Pitch required for wood deck mount skylights: 3:12 slope

Glazing Options:
> Glass: 8 Glass glazing options
> Acrylic: 4 Acrylic glazing options including Polycarbonate

Choosing a glazing option to meet you needs in Vancouver:
Canada is split into 3 Energy Star®  zones based on annual average temperature

> BC spans zones: 1, 2, 3 - click the map below to find out your zone
Vancouver resides in Zone 1
Click here to find out what glazing option covers you for your location in BC

Choose your frame color:
Aluminum exterior skylight frame is available in the following colors:
1. Rideau Brown (standard) 2. Black 3. White 4. Charcoal Grey 5. Sandalwood 6. Clear Anodized 7. Mill Finish

For more information on Columbia Skylights email: or call toll free on 1 888 437 5557