Toronto Skylights

Choosing your Toronto Skylight

What type of roof do you have?
Columbia Skylights are designed to fit on homes with 16” and 24” on center rafters or trusses
> Skylights can be installed on: Asphalt, Fiberglass, Shingles, Slate, Cedar shakes, Concrete and Spanish tile
> In Toronto the most popular residential roofing material is: Shingles

Choose your installation method:
> The roofers/ contractors choice > Curb Mount Skylights > Columbia’s most popular skylight
> Ideal for the Do it Yourselfer > Self Flashing Skylights > Built in Curb and Flashing
> The Natural Wood Finish > Wood Deck Mount Skylights > Includes premium natural Canadian Douglas Fir Wood Curb
> Not enough room for a traditional skylight? > Sun Tubes > Bring natural light to virtually any space

Choose a fixed or venting skylight?
Columbia Skylights are available in fixed and venting models
Columbia’s venting curb mount skylight is available in manual and electric options

Do you have a flat or sloped roof?
> Flat Roof: Install an acrylic dome skylight or a sun tube

> Sloped Roof: If you have a sloped roof you can install a glass or acrylic dome skylight or a sun tube

> Minimum Roof Pitch required for curb mount skylights: 2:12 slope
> Minimum Roof Pitch required for self flashing skylights: 3:12 slope
> Minimum Roof Pitch required for wood deck mount skylights: 3:12 slope

Glazing Options:
> Glass: 8 Glass glazing options
> Acrylic: 4 Acrylic glazing options including Polycarbonate

Choosing a glazing option to meet you needs in Toronto:
Canada is split into 3 Energy Star  zones based on annual average temperature
Ontario spans zones: 2 & 3 - click the map below to find out your zone
Toronto resides in Zone 2
Click here to find out what glazing option covers you for your location in Ontario

Choose your frame color:
Aluminum exterior skylight frame is available in the following colors:
1. Rideau Brown (standard) 2. Black 3. White 4. Charcoal Grey 5. Sandalwood 6. Clear Anodized 7. Mill Finish

For more information on Columbia Skylights email: or call toll free on 1 888 437 5557