Columbia strives to provide a rewarding work environment and encourage innovation, personal growth and teamwork through a commitment to open communication and respect. We have a culture where diversity is valued and where you have an opportunity to make a difference.

We are the leading company in our industry, in Canada, and among the foremost in North America. We have a strong financial foundation, and have been in business since 1955. The training and skills gained at Columbia are invaluable and coveted by employers throughout the marketplace. We have a youthful and dynamic management group, committed to your mentoring and career growth.

Columbia is situated in a recently constructed head office and plant in South Burnaby, British Columbia, fronting the Fraser River. The offices and manufacturing plant feature abundant skylights and natural lighting.

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“Our employees are the industry’s finest and contribute to the superior product and service that has elevated Columbia to its position of leadership.”

- Mike Williams, President