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Natural Light Source & Ventilation

Create the feeling and sensation of spaciousness without adding to your square footage. Skylights transform neglected spaces into living areas, opening your home to more pleasurable living.

Skylights are a natural compliment to your current window system and the perfect solution for interior rooms with no lighting, or large rooms only partially lit by your windows.

Many homes are built on lots with minimal set backs from the property line and neighbours on either side restricting your natural light supply. Skylights can remedy this situation.

The most common rooms that include skylights are»

Other areas of your home that may benefit include»

You must be cognisant of the skylight size and orientation in order to reduce heat transmission and fading. You may consider bronze glazing for skylights facing south and/or west, but be cautioned that it can distort the appearance of colours of walls and paintings.

Venting skylights are a very popular option and can be ordered with choice of crank handle, telescopic pole or wireless electric remote operator. They can provide additional ventilation in rooms where improved air circulation may be required including kitchens, bathrooms, and sun rooms.

Kitchen        Bathroom

Halls            Foyer/Entrance      Stairway

Great room     Living/Dining Room           Sunroom

Pools                Fitness Room                  Lofts