Literature / Technical

Product Brochures

Columbia Merchandizing Aids.pdf (1,528 kb)
Free standing point of purchase displays and signage for residential skylight dealers and distributors.

Columbia Product Brochure.pdf (968 kb)
Fourteen page consumer/contractor booklet with all residential and commercial unit skylight models including; cross section drawings, sizes, accessories, glazing alternatives and skylight selection guide..

Installation Instructions

How to Install Curb Mounted Skylights.pdf (2.572 kb)
How to Install Self Flashing Skylight.pdf (2.266 kb)
How to Install Columbia Flashing Kit.pdf (167 kb)
How to Install Columbia Roof Windows.pdf (5.580 kb)
How to Install Pole Operator.pdf (111 kb)
How to Install Columbia Sun Tube.pdf (4.151 kb)

Technical Drawings

CAD and PDF product drawings located under Residential Products section.

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