New Columbia Energy Efficient Skylight website

Review our new customer information website, providing guidance on the latest energy efficient skylight options from Columbia and FAKRO.

The website has been created to help customers understand what to look for in energy efficient skylights – technological advances, glass options, and a comprehensive understanding of the ENERGY STAR® Canada and US programs. We are proud to be the only Canadian manufacturer to produce skylights that are ENERGY STAR® Canada certified. By choosing an ENERGY STAR® skylight you save on energy costs and protect the environment.

Columbia is Canada’s energy efficient skylight leader, with the widest range of ENERGY STAR® certified glass skylights. Our skylights are made in Canada for the Canadian climate, Columbia has spent over 6 decades manufacturing high quality energy efficient skylights designed to outperform our harsh Canadian climate. Every aspect of the skylight has been studied, engineered, and tested. It uses the best materials available, including the latest glass technology.

Columbia Skylights has been a participant in ENERGY STAR® Canada since the introduction of skylights in 2005, and was recently recognized with the prestigious ENERGY STAR® Canada 2021 Sustained Excellence award.

Columbia is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor of FAKRO skylights and roof windows, a range of premium European products of exceptional quality with outstanding energy saving performance.

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